Jumping Castle Sizes

From young children to adults, we have jumping castle sizes to suit all age groups. With our larger castles able be customised to suit adults, there is no need for anyone to miss out on having a bouncing good time.

Learn about the most suitable jumping castle size for your party by speaking to your local Jim’s operator. Call 131 546 or message us here.

Jumping Castle Sizes

Our range of jumping castle sizes

Kids jumping castles

This is a small, basic bouncer with minimal features. It is the perfect way to introduce young children to their first experience of an uneven jumping castle surface, without being overwhelming. These castles require 5 square metres of space to set up.

Cars Theme Jumping Castle

Adult jumping castles

These larger sized castles are taller and therefore allow for more head clearance for teen and adult jumpers. They are reinforced with strong safety netting along the sides, providing more protection as well as easier supervision. You’ll need to allow for 7 by 10 metres of space to accommodate this type of castle.

Mega castles

These larger sized castles designed in the style of an obstacle course are popular at large community events, where everyone can come together to enjoy the thrill of a challenge.

bouncy castle hire gold coast teens

Extra jumping castle features

Being larger in size, our adult castles are capable of more than you think. We’ve added a modern touch to your jumping castle with extra features to enable more variety and play.

We have slides, basketball rings, a water feature, soft oversize boxing gloves, Velcro dart boards and fighting logs to make the jumping experience more engaging for teen and adult jumpers.

Learn more about jumping castle sizing and extra features by speaking to your local Jim’s operator. Contact us on 131 546, send a message to get in touch.